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North Node conjunct Pluto

Processing Intense Emotions Together

Kelli Fox

You two may develop a strong sexual bond that is transformative for you, but more than that, becoming emotionally intimate with your partner will open doors within your own psyche that help you to progress along your own future path. This may or may not be an easy relationship; you'll have to look to other aspects between you for a greater picture of how you'll get along on a day-to-day basis. This particular aspect is more about the long-term potential of your bond as related to your own, unique progress as a human being.

Your partner will have a big and important effect on you on that level, if you stay together long-term. They will command your attention and even your obsession; you may feel as though you can't get enough of them, or stop thinking about them. Difficult emotions could come into play between you -- jealousy, insecurity and the like -- but if the relationship is important to you, you'll do well not to avoid or deny such feelings. Facing them and processing them together will help both of you, and will strengthen your bond, but will also promote your own personal evolution.

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