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North Node conjunct Mercury

A Fun and Profound Exchange of Ideas

Kelli Fox

You'll learn so much from this partner. The way they express themselves on an intellectual level will shine out to you as inspiration in who you want to become, and you'll feel as if you can talk about anything with them. There will be a focus between you on learning, analysis and discussion.

You won't just go to the movies together; you'll go to the movies and then spend hours afterwards dissecting what you saw, felt and experienced, and what it all made you think of. You'll attend novel or poetry readings, lectures, comedy acts and other events that will help to keep the dialogue going between you. In a big way, this person exemplifies where you're heading. Much of why you'll be drawn to in them will originate in the fact that they will be able to offer you good advice and help you along on your path of personal evolution. You're ready to leave your past and past lives behind now, and become more communicative, more informed, and more able to make better choices; and this partner will help you move in that direction. This could become a profound relationship for you, but it will also just be a lot of fun.

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