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Neptune trine Venus

Recreating Wonderful Feelings from the Past

Kelli Fox

The love, devotion and nurturing urge you'll feel toward this person denotes a past-life bond that centered on all of those same feelings. Perhaps you were their parent or guardian, someone who took care of them and worried after their growth and development. In this lifetime you'll do so again as those same chords are struck, deep within you, as soon as you meet.

You'll feel a tenderness swell within you for this sweet, beautiful, vulnerable person, and you'll simply want to reach out to them and help them in any way you can. And they will return the feeling: They, too, carry subconscious memories of that tender bond you shared in another lifetime, and they'll feel devoted to you again in this life. Together you'll create an enduring sense of romance and devotion. You'll support each other tirelessly and you'll encourage each other's creativity, so a relationship between you could produce some truly imaginative conversations, ideas and projects -- or, you may simply revel together in the creative works of others, attending plays and gallery openings together, reading poetry to each other and the like. If other factors between you support it, this relationship could turn into something special and long-term, as you'll both want to recreate those wonderful feelings from the past.

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