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Neptune trine Sun

Feelings of Connectedness from the Deep Past

Kelli Fox

The love between you in a past life must have been strong indeed, because when you meet in this life, you'll both feel an instant sense of recognition and devotion. You may not even question your feelings; you'll simply immerse yourself in them -- this reasonless, immediate adoration. You'll show this person how much you care for them by tuning in to them at a deep and subtle level.

You'll be able to perceive their needs and feelings simply through intuition; often, they won't even have to tell you in words who they are, what they're thinking or what they're looking for. You'll simply get them. This will inspire a deep and karmic feeling of togetherness, as if you're fated to be together in this life. While it may not be so much that your relationship is fated, it will be true that your feeling of almost spiritual attachment and dedication to each other comes from the deep and distant past, intensifying your feelings of connectedness and your desire to be together yet again.

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