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Neptune trine Mercury

A Symbiotic Relationship

Kelli Fox

You shared a symbiotic relationship in another life that centered on creative communication: Perhaps you were a poet and your partner was your scribe; maybe they were your student and you, their spiritual guide. Whatever your connection was, you helped them to communicate in a deeper, more instinctive and compassionate way, and they helped you to bring your own ideas -- the more abstract ones -- out into the light, giving them a logical structure. In short, you each brought your own strengths to the relationship and helped each other to round out your ways of thinking and communicating, and you'll do so again in this lifetime.

This person can show you which of your thoughts and ideas are practical or rational, and how to put them to use; and you can teach them how to be a more sensitive and compassionate person, as well as how to use their intuition as a tool, the way that you use your own.

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