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Neptune trine Mars

Blending Unique Strengths

Kelli Fox

A relationship between you will be mutually beneficial, as each of you will bring your own strengths to the mix and will support each other in your own, unique ways. You worked well together in another lifetime, and the sense of mutual support you developed then will persist in your relationship in this life. You'll come to depend on your lover's passion -- their energy, their drive, their direction, which you may feel at times that you lack.

And in return, you'll give them your emotional support -- your own unflagging strength of a subtler variety. You'll feel intuitively connected to your partner, understanding them at an emotional level. You'll be able to tell what they need and how they're feeling, often without being told in so many words. And their passion will be a lifeline for you to grab hold of. They will motivate and inspire you in your work and your daily life, and they'll appreciate the tender support you give them in return. You'll even be able to teach each other about your own brand of strength, so that your partner develops greater sensitivity and you learn to focus your energies and become more directed toward your goals.

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