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Neptune square Saturn

Trying to Control Your Dreamy Side

Kelli Fox

If you notice your lover trying to take an overly authoritative stance in your relationship, take it as a sign that past-life issues are welling up inside them, and your elusive emotions have hit their buttons once again. They had a hard time understanding you in a past life, after all, when your dreamy, artist's soul seemed about a thousand miles away from their more practical, rational outlook. The same divide will exist between you in this life, because they still haven't connected enough with the artist that lives within their own soul.

Your moments of what they'll see as unreality -- dreaminess, a lack of common sense, an interest in the abstract over the concrete -- will actually make them feel nervous and insecure, and in those moments, they'll reach for the crutch of something tangible, something measurable to rely on. They may become an overly grounding influence in your life, sapping all the fun out of a good flight of fancy because they just can't handle that same old feeling again: the feeling of not knowing what you might do or say next, because your emotions and your spiritual wanderings are unreachable to them. But the friction that's caused by this dynamic could actually lead to something positive for both of you, if you care enough to stick around for it. The best that can come of this connection will be to teach you to ground yourself, rather than your partner doing it for you; and to teach them to embrace the illogical, fanciful dreamer that exists inside them, rather than feeling insecure whenever it threatens to take over their practical perspective.

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