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Neptune square North Node

Held Back from Personal Change

Kelli Fox

Whether your partner has been purposefully or unconsciously moving forward in their life, evolving at a karmic level and learning the lessons they're here to learn, when you come into their life, their forward progress may be hindered. They will find you fascinating at a level that's difficult to explain. You'll represent a mystery to them, and even if you become very intimate and mutually dependent, they will still find you emotionally elusive in some way.

They'll find it difficult to know how you're feeling and what your aims are, and they may spend more time trying to figure out the puzzle than paying attention to their own life path. That's the danger of this relationship: Any involvement between you could pull them away from where they're supposed to be focusing their attention. You can help by encouraging them to be independent rather than passively trying to force them into your corner, or stringing them along. Both of you should focus on your own development in life, and while relationships are wonderful arenas and catalysts for growth, this particular connection might inhibit growth more than fostering it.

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