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Neptune square Mercury

Working Through Feelings of Suspicion

Kelli Fox

Dishonesty marred your connection in a past life and it will do so again if you aren't careful with your behavior. You'll find that there is a deep-rooted, mutual feeling of suspicion between you, one that can easily turn into paranoia, especially on your part. You'll have a confusing effect on your lover, and the misunderstandings you'll experience together will blow up the fears that normally lie latent in your heart.

You may find yourself withholding things from this person -- honesty, your true feelings, genuine intimacy and the like. You'll do this out of an instinct to protect yourself, but part of the karmic debt of this relationship is to push yourself to examine why, exactly, you don't trust this person, and why you feel that you need to guard yourself so carefully. Depending on other factors in your present-day relationship, it may be that your instincts are correct, but it's likely that this feeling originated long ago, in another time and place. This person may have betrayed you in some way, breaking your heart or misleading you accidentally; however it happened, it has left an imprint on your soul. And it's time to resolve this issue once and for all. Resist the urge to withhold information from this person. If the temptation to be dishonest or self-protective runs too deeply, you may have to consider whether the karma will be better resolved simply by moving on to a relationship that's easier and more fulfilling.

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