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Neptune square Mars

Learning to Utilize Your Strengths

Kelli Fox

Your lover will grow increasingly irritated with your refusal to deal with problems head-on. They will take the direct approach in this relationship, sometimes even resorting to bullying you in an attempt to get you to be honest and straightforward with them. But you'll evade their attempts, withdrawing into yourself and claiming that you don't know what they're getting so upset about, or offering them a brand of understanding that you'll both know won't be entirely genuine.

This will only set them off to a further degree, and if your affair continues past the beginning stages, you'll both start to realize that there's a lot of anger and frustration between you. This back-and-forth parrying will be a pattern that's frustratingly familiar to you both. Whether consciously or not, you'll be playing off a script that was written long ago, in another lifetime when you were connected in some dissatisfying way, creating a karmic debt that has yet to be resolved. Your refusal to speak your mind openly or stand up to your partner's bullying will push their buttons, and their aggressive attitude will push yours -- unless you can both agree to deal with one another in an aboveboard yet gentle manner. If this relationship is to work out long-term, this is something you'll have to work out between you, and doing so will utilize both your strengths -- your compassion, and your lover's forthrightness.

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