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Neptune sextile Venus

Building on Tender Passion

Kelli Fox

The immediate affection you'll both feel for each other harks from another time and place, when you two shared a tender passion. Those good feelings have extended to this lifetime and will be almost instantly evident as you start getting to know each other. You'll idealize each other and the love that you'll share -- in fact, it will be hard not to do so, because it's rooted so deeply in your shared past, and in this lifetime will feel like a fated connection.

You'll also idealize your fantasies of all that you can accomplish together. You'll both recognize early on that there's great creative potential between you. You may work together on a creative project, or do some charity work intended to help people who don't have the same blessings and advantages that you two have. Whatever you do together, you should open your imaginations and share your fantasies. You'll understand each other well on that level of visions, creativity and make-believe, and if either of you does creative work, your work will certainly be inspired by this love affair.

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