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Neptune sextile Sun

One Another's Champions

Kelli Fox

This person was your greatest champion in another lifetime. They gave you their ardent support and devotion, and you returned the good feeling in your way -- and you'll want to return that good feeling all over again in this lifetime. When you meet, you'll sense the bond between you immediately; you might feel it in your bones, and definitely in your heart.

You'll put your lover on a pedestal, just as they did to you in another life. And they will adore you this time around just as thoroughly, because the same past-life memories are embedded in their subconscious mind -- that old passion, devotion and intuitive connection that you shared so long ago. You'll be able to tune in to this person again on that intuitive level, understanding them and their emotions without having to be told in so many words what they're thinking, feeling or needing. This could easily turn into a special and long-term affair, especially if other factors point in that direction. Your connection will be a sensitive and creative one that will foster true intimacy between you.

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