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Neptune sextile Saturn

Inspirational and Mutually Supportive

Kelli Fox

You can inspire your partner at a deep level, which will almost certainly help them to gain greater understanding of life, love and the universe, and to move forward along their personal path of karmic evolution. Just like you, they have set up certain walls and boundaries in their life in order to deal with the emotional triggers that scare them, or make them feel uncomfortable. But you, with your innate intuitive powers, can take a sweet and gentle approach to helping them loosen up a bit and let go of some of those artificial security needs.

This aspect is greatly aided by a strong communicative bond between you, so as long as the lines of communication between you stay open, you'll both benefit from the relationship at a karmic level. Your partner will return the favor of your compassionate understanding of their security needs by supporting you in a more grounded, day-to-day way. You'll sense deeply that you can rely on them, and they'll be there for you perhaps in a way that others aren't. They can help you to attain your karmic destiny in a realistic way, and you can help them to achieve theirs in an intuitive, emotional way.

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