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Neptune sextile Mercury

Complementary Minds

Kelli Fox

The ways in which each of you thinks are complementary, and can be quite mutually supportive, just as they were in a past-life connection. Then, your intuitive approach and their more logical one blended to make you an indomitable creative and intellectual team. Now, your minds will click well together, though you do have two different perspectives.

You often won't need to use words to understand each other, and you, especially, will tap in to your lover's thoughts and feelings almost psychically. You can teach yours to your lover by showing them how to look at life through a more sensitive, intuitive lens. You'll show them the way of compassion, and they will benefit from your sometimes idealistic way of looking at life. And they will teach you more about blending logic with intuition, so that you can develop your ability to read both subtle cues and overt signposts on the road of life. Working on creative or intellectual projects together would be a wonderful use of your combined strengths and energies, and would also be a great way for you to learn as much as you can from each other -- which, after all, is one of the intended karmic lessons of your connection.

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