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Neptune sextile Mars

Inspired by Each Other's Energy

Kelli Fox

Your partner's energy will inspire you, just as it did long ago in another life. Then, they shone like a beacon to you; they were your champion and you, their quiet, unwavering support. In this life that same dynamic persists.

You'll give them the same sort of emotional support that you gave them in that past-life connection, and they will support you with their energy and dynamism. Their confidence will inspire you, and you'll learn from them more about how to go after your dreams directly. In turn, you'll teach them how to soften their ambitions with gentleness and compassion. When you utilize both your strengths, you'll make a formidable team in anything you choose to tackle together -- creative projects, communication, the relationship itself. Your sexual relationship may be almost spiritual in its uplifting quality, but at the very least, your emotional connection will be both deepened and strengthened by this particular bond between you.

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