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Neptune quincunx Venus

Seeking that Spark of Attraction

Kelli Fox

You won't necessarily be attracted to each other for your looks; neither one of you quite lives up to the other's physical type, and you'll be drawn together for other reasons. That in itself is fine, because falling for each other based on looks alone wouldn't be a strong enough foundation for a lasting relationship -- as you both found in another lifetime, when you were attracted to each other for vanity's sake alone, and developed a shallow and dissatisfying connection. But in this life, you may go too far in the opposite direction, trying to correct for that old mistake.

While you'll both be interested in each other and you'll both want to connect romantically, that could ultimately be harder than you'll realize, because you'll simply miss that spark of attraction. Great conversation and comfortable companionship, after all, are the hallmarks of a great friendship, but in and of themselves, they aren't enough for a great romance. If you two are to work this out long-term, you'll have to find a way to ignite that spark of excitement; otherwise, you'll both feel unfulfilled on the level of sensuality and romance.

Neptune quincunx Venus in the Compatibility Chart

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