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Neptune quincunx Saturn

Blending Complementary Strengths

Kelli Fox

Long ago, in a lifetime too distant to remember, you were locked with this person in a struggle for survival. They chose the path of practicality -- of traditional methods and measurable results. You chose a path more personal, spiritual and instinctive than that, and neither one of you could understand why the other had chosen to follow something so different from your own values and instincts.

How could they think like that? you wondered, and they wondered the same thing about you. That feeling of distrust will still exist between you when you meet again in this life. Your lover will think that your personal brand of faith or spirituality is actually a form of escapism -- of ignoring the reality of life that's before you in favor of a pretty fantasy that exists only in your head. And you'll see their practical side as fearful and inhibited, unable to trust in anything beyond the realm of what's visible, tangible and measurable. You can help them, however, over time. Their reliance on practical measures is in answer to the security needs that were awakened in that long-ago struggle for safety, and that have been perpetuated through to this lifetime. If you two grow to love each other, you'll be able to help your partner reconnect with their spiritual side, and you'll also be able to lean on their strength and depend on them when a practical perspective is needed. But making this happen will take a lot of communication and compromise on both sides, and will only be possible if you first accept your differences before trying to blend them into complementary strengths.

Neptune quincunx Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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