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Neptune quincunx Mercury

The Desire to Understand Your Lover

Kelli Fox

Misunderstandings will be rife between you, though both of you may truly want to understand each other. From the very beginning, you won't be dealing with each other on the level of the here and now; instead, you'll be conjuring fantasies of who this exciting new lover is, and what they'll become to you. You may also subconsciously remember a past-life betrayal that cut deeply and carried over to this lifetime.

But these fantasies, both positive and negative, will be based on the deep and distant past, not the present or the future. You'll do well to wave goodbye to the images of this perfect lover that exist only in your imagination. You'll both have to avoid dishonesty, even the kind that comes from withholding information or telling little white lies in the name of keeping the peace. It's better to get into an argument and hash things out than to continue with false perceptions of each other, but hashing things out together will really go against your instincts. If the relationship is important to you, you'll just have to learn to be more straightforward with your lover. When problems arise, don't ignore or deny them; instead, make a sincere effort to see your partner for who they really are, and to communicate your own truth in as straightforward a way as you can manage. That will help each of you to learn to listen to your partner and believe what they tell you.

Neptune quincunx Mercury in the Compatibility Chart

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