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Neptune quincunx Mars

Push Yourself to Speak Up

Kelli Fox

Don't expect this person to pick up on your subtle emotional cues when they've hurt your feelings, because in this particular match-up, your partner will be the aboveboard one -- the one who deals with things head-on and needs overt signals rather than the quiet, understated ones that your instincts will tell you to send out. In another life, this person may have hurt or bullied you, causing you to withdraw into yourself in self-protection. But even if your partner uses similar tactics -- pushing you to open up when their frustration mounts -- those old, deep memories don't actually have much bearing on the present.

Convincing yourself to speak up about your feelings and your needs may be difficult, because that old wound runs deep; but if you want the relationship to progress into something that's mutually satisfying, you'll have to work against your instincts. Use this experience as practice in putting up a bit of a fight, even when you'd rather put your head under the covers. Unless your partner is just a big bully, it's likely that you'll find them eager to work out problems and open to your feelings and perceptions, if only you'll tell them what they are.

Neptune quincunx Mars in the Compatibility Chart

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