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Neptune opposite Venus

Lost in a Tide of Emotion

Kelli Fox

Grasping your true feelings for this person will be difficult for you in this relationship, because passion and affection left over from a long-ago past-life connection will color your interactions and infuse both your hearts with a sense of romance that really has no basis in the current life. You're two different people now, after all. But the love you shared in another lifetime was strong enough that it will still influence your view of each other, and while this will feel like a good, even wonderful thing -- romantic, compelling, emotionally overwhelming -- you'll actually need to work against this tide of emotion.

Your lesson with each other will be to learn to see each other clearly, rather than through a haze of romanticism and neediness. You'll find it difficult to keep a firm grasp on your feelings for this person, and this could be quite a confusing experience for them, especially as their affection for you grows. Thus, both of you will need to keep from getting lost in this tide of emotion. Otherwise, fantasy will trump reality, and you'll both be unable to derive the lessons you need to learn from this connection. The best-case scenario here will be honoring your feelings of affection and devotion to each other even while keeping your eyes resolutely open as you search for clues to the true nature of your partner and your relationship.

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