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Neptune opposite Sun

Stuck in the Illusion of True Love

Kelli Fox

You'll feel a sense of connection and recognition when you meet this person, but grasping its true origins could be difficult for you. You'll feel swamped with affection and you'll feel that you know this person through and through -- not realizing that you're simply tapping into old memories of who they were to you in another lifetime. Then, they were huge to you; whether they were your lover, your mentor, or your parent, you looked up to them and adored them, and you would have done anything to please them.

Those same feelings will influence your connection now, but your instant devotion could actually make your partner uncomfortable. They'll understand, consciously or unconsciously, that you aren't perceiving them for who they truly are, and that your expectations of them and the relationship are unnaturally high. You'll feel that they're your soul mate, but they'll simply want to get to know you, and wish that you would get to know them for the person they really are inside. If you want this connection to endure, you'll have to work hard to ignore those old, past-life vibrations and open your eyes to who this person is now -- and how your connection actually works now, which will inevitably be less rosy than you fantasize it to be.

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