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Neptune opposite Saturn

Clashing Perspectives

Kelli Fox

Perhaps you were a painter in another lifetime, and your lover was an accountant. They relied on numbers adding up to a tidy total, while you delighted in more freeform, colorful and abstract visions. Trying to work together was difficult, because you came from such different, even opposite viewpoints: the abstract versus the concrete; the theoretical versus the tangible and measurable.

This will still be a difficult dynamic between you now. That artist still lives within your soul, bringing a dreamy, imaginative facet to your personality, while the accountant still lives within your partner, making them feel the need for everything to add up just so. You'll find your lover trying to impose their reason and logic onto you, but it will be an ill fit, like trying to put sunlight or a rainbow into a box. Why can't you simply find middle ground -- the place where you can each respect, appreciate and learn from each other's perspective? You'll find that place difficult to find, but the struggle to understand and appreciate each other will be an important one, especially if your relationship deepens into something long-term. Resolving that old karma will be an important step toward the development your own inner accountant, and your lover's development of their inner artist -- a necessary process for each of you to build a more well-rounded soul, as well as a fuller perspective.

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