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Neptune opposite North Node

Unintentional Deceit

Kelli Fox

An old, sweet, long-forgotten bond from another lifetime will suffuse your connection in this life with tenderness. You will feel quite emotionally invested in your lover's life and feelings, but while both of you may enjoy this sense of being so joined, so mutually supportive and dependent, your involvement in your lover's life -- especially their emotional life -- may end up hindering their forward progress. Emotionally, you're a part of their past, but not necessarily their future.

Loving them will draw them back to that sweet place you once inhabited together, which is now gone forever and can't be recreated. Furthermore, there may be an element of deception between you, also left over from that past-life connection. You might unconsciously deceive yourselves as to the nature of this relationship, developing an idealistic, unrealistic view of the possibilities of your bond; or you may mislead each other in terms of how you feel about each other. You'll have to try especially hard to be emotionally open and honest with your partner, because any way in which you might mislead them could pull them further away from their rightful life path.

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