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Neptune opposite Mercury

Projecting Idealized Images

Kelli Fox

You two will be so busy projecting idealized images onto each other -- images of who you were to each other in a past life, and of who you want to be to each other in this one -- that neither one of you will spend much time actually getting to know the real, flesh-and-blood person that stands before you. Your most idealistic fantasies of love will come into play with this person, because they will tap into that part of your soul that remembers them from long ago, another time and place, when you loved one another selflessly. You'll both tend toward dishonesty in this relationship, which will only make things more confusing and complicated; neither one of you will ever be certain of the other's true motivations.

It's quite possible that one of you deceived the other in a past-life connection, and betrayed their love. You may think that you're simply protecting your sweetheart's feelings by keeping things from them in this life, but really, you'll be perpetuating the atmosphere of confusion that has carried over to this lifetime between you. You'll both have to be extra careful to be honest with each other about your feelings and needs, even when you're afraid that the truth will hurt your partner or damage the relationship. The road to honesty and mutual understanding will be a difficult one for you both, but the journey will be a valuable learning experience.

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