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Neptune conjunct Venus

Selfless, Reasonless Devotion

Kelli Fox

You adored this person in another lifetime, and those old feelings of selfless, even irrational devotion will reemerge in this life. You may not even understand why you feel this way; you'll simply respond to this person at a feeling level, and you'll tune right in to them emotionally. You'll wish to treat them with great care and compassion, which is always a wonderful urge -- but do keep your guard up, at least at first, because though you'll feel as if you know this person, you don't, not really.

What you'll perceive will only be those vibrations of love and understanding from another time and place that, while romantic, have no actual bearing on the present. Your present-day connection will be undeniably creative, romantic and affectionate, to be sure. You'll feel fascinated with each other, and you'll want to make tender gestures to communicate your devotion. Love poems, flowers, candlelight -- all of those are wonderful when it comes to setting an amorous mood between you. But do remember that in the beginning, what you'll respond to in each other so ardently will be something from your deep past, which no longer has bearing on the present. Don't commit to this relationship until you've really given it some time and learned more about how you work with this person on other levels besides the romantic one.

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