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Neptune conjunct Saturn

Dreaminess and Reason

Kelli Fox

You've always enjoyed your imagination -- the dreaminess that sometimes overtakes you, the subtle intuitions you experience, especially when communing with someone with whom you share an intimate bond. But in this relationship, you'll find that your lover has a practical, grounded side that will work to stifle that fanciful, intuitive part of you. They'll seem to have no time for your more abstract feelings; they will focus more on cause and effect, or what works and what doesn't.

This grounding influence could be a positive influence on you over time, but until you both learn ways to understand and respect your differences, you'll likely feel emotionally or creatively stifled. This won't be a new experience for either of you; in another life, your lover took your dreams and fantasies as a threat, and tried to force you to keep both your feet firmly planted on the earth. Their sense of logic was too restrictive for the elusive boundaries of your mind, however. But still, you tried to think and behave the way they wanted you to, and you'll try again in this life. The best that can come of this pairing will be if you're both able to break through to each other, rather than one of you influencing the other overmuch. After all, your lover's sense of responsibility and reason will be a real gift to you in times when action is called for, instead of contemplation. And when they're getting too stuck in the rut of their own logical mind, your kindness, compassion and intuitive connection will help to soften them up and remind them that life isn't all about reason, or a linear progression from point A to point B. If you can learn to blend your strengths, this will turn out to be a truly symbiotic connection between you.

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