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Neptune conjunct North Node

A Source of Either Inspiration or Confusion

Kelli Fox

Your partner will be fascinated by you. They will identify and connect with the part of you that is dreamy and intuitively tapped in to them, and they'll instinctively understand that they have much to learn from you on this level. Their karmic evolution could even be furthered by you and your intuitions or emotions, in a best-case scenario.

But it's also possible that your dreamy side will confuse your partner, even as it compels them toward you, and will make their karmic evolution a more complicated or even convoluted process. This will depend on how in touch you are with your own emotions and instincts. If you're comfortable with and accepting of this abstract side of your personality, you'll be able to have a positive effect on your partner in terms of their personal evolution and their progress toward their destiny. But if you're somehow not in touch with this side of yourself -- if you suppress your emotions as being overly irrational, or if you ignore your instincts, preferring to believe only in hard, provable fact -- you could end up being a confusing influence on your partner at best.

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