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Neptune conjunct Mercury

A Subtle Yet Compelling Mental Bond

Kelli Fox

You may mishear what this person tells you or read a little too much between the lines, because you were closely attuned in another lifetime, and you'll still hear echoes whispering when this person tries to communicate with you. You'll tune in to them at an intuitive level; you'll be able to perceive their thoughts and needs in a way that doesn't require rational thought or explanation. This will be wonderful at times but also difficult at times for both of you.

Your awareness of them will sometimes be cloudy due to that past-life bond that still muddies your conception of them in their present-day incarnation. Illusory impressions may impede your understanding of who they are and what they need now, in this lifetime; so listen as carefully as you can to what they tell you. If you allow yourself to believe your perceptions based on that past-life bond rather than heeding what your eyes, ears and other senses tell you about your lover in the present tense, you'll likely end up misleading not only yourself, but them -- and that wonderful communicative bond you share will be diluted. Take special care not to delude this person, even benevolently, because they will be far too susceptible to your subtle yet compelling mental power over them.

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