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Neptune conjunct Mars

Creating Confusion

Kelli Fox

You may have been this person's caretaker or spiritual guide in another lifetime, because in this life, you'll have a strangely draining effect on their energy. Just as they were so long ago, your intentions in the present life will be perfectly pure: You'll simply want to help your partner to become more aware of the invisible world around them and of their effects on other people or their environment; and to develop themselves into a more compassionate person. You'll be quite affected by their rough edges -- emotional insensitivity, selfish behavior -- and you'll want to help them become more sensitive; but your methods will have a dampening effect on them.

They'll begin to feel confused around you, uncertain of their own motivations or needs, and at some basic level, you'll simply miss the mark with each other as a result. Taking care of practical business may be difficult to do as a team, because you'll always slide away from the concrete and direct when you're together. You'll have a positive effect on this person if you can help them to increase their compassion, but they didn't thoroughly learn that lesson in your shared past life, so they may not learn it this time around either.

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