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Mercury trine Uranus

Awakening Your Creativity

Kelli Fox

The way that your intellects will click together will excite you both. What fun conversations you'll have! And if the relationship continues, you'll be able to put that mental energy toward some pretty incredible and creative projects, if you so desire.

This is just how you interacted in a past life, after all; your partner was the idea person and you were the one to inject a healthy dose of logic into the mix, with amazing results. Perhaps you weren't lovers back then, in that other lifetime; you may have been scientists or artists who worked side by side for better results than either of you could have achieved on your own. That is certainly the effect you'll have on each other now. This person will teach you to think in some unorthodox ways that you're not used to, and you'll teach them to be just a bit more logical and less high-flying in their ideas.

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