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Mercury trine Saturn

Learning to Communicate

Kelli Fox

This person was your teacher or your mentor in another lifetime, and they will have a similar role in this one as they teach you, both directly and by example, to think in a careful, thorough and steady manner. Your conversations will hinge on solid communication and building trust. If there are any difficult aspects between you that would otherwise make this a troublesome relationship, this aspect will help smooth things over, because you'll have a wonderfully strong foundation that includes positive prior-life karma.

Your partner will give you good advice and you'll look up to them on an intellectual level. As you get to know them better, you'll strive to make your own thinking as sharp, organized and efficient as theirs. You'll even learn through this relationship to express yourself more clearly and efficiently, and with greater confidence. Making plans together should be especially instructive for you, whether they're plans for your next date, a vacation that you'll take together or a way to advance your own future. Your partner could be quite helpful in preparing you mentally to take on greater responsibility at work, school or in life.

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