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Mercury trine Pluto

The Conscious Pursuit of Self-Awareness

Kelli Fox

To make the most of this particular connection between you, you'll have to pursue its gifts consciously. This person can help you to think more deeply, to become more self-aware and self-expressive. You may have had a less mutually understanding connection with each other in a past life, and so this life is meant to open up your awareness and put you both in touch with your own deeper selves as well as each other's.

But you do have to be conscious in bringing this transformation about, precisely because you'll talk so easily with this person about profound and interesting subjects. You could be satisfied with that, and never probe deeper into your own psyche, or theirs; but doing so would be a waste of this special bond. The best use of this energy would be to actively pursue discussions of your truest, most complex and sometimes darkest feelings. Initiate conversations about your childhoods, or past relationships. Open up about your fears and your desires. Don't be afraid to describe your emotions in a raw and honest way -- this person can certainly take it, and you'll learn so much about yourself as well as about your partner in the process.

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