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Mercury square Uranus

Scared of a Free Thinker

Kelli Fox

Initially you'll be attracted to this person's exciting mind and freethinking ways, but over time you'll grow increasingly annoyed with what you'll come to see as their instability, just as you did in previous lifetimes, when their ideas seemed too radical to hold water. Now, as then, their perceived radicalism will end up closing you off to their brilliance. More and more, you'll roll your eyes at them and try to impose your own sense of logic or control on them.

But in doing so, you'll forget the fact that every human being in the whole world -- including you -- has a unique perspective that defies logic or rationalism. And isn't that the beauty, the creative genius, of humanity? Why would you want to stifle that wild streak of the mind? Because this person will scare you with their out-there ideas; and because in normal, day-to-day life, you want someone you can depend on, not someone who makes you nervous. Unless you can learn to stretch your mind and accept this person's weird and wonderful way of thinking, this relationship will likely go the way it has gone in past lives as well: south, due to a growing feeling of impatience and instability between you.

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