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Mercury square Saturn

Gaining Intellectual Respect

Kelli Fox

Though your partner may respect you intellectually, you may still notice that they'll begin to challenge your opinions and try to get in the last word in conversation, purely in a bid to show that they're right, or always a step ahead of you. This situation will probably feel familiar to you, albeit in a tense way; your partner used the same sort of maneuvers to try to teach you in a past life, when they were your advisor or professor. They wanted you to think deeply, to be logical in your ideas and discerning in your perceptions; but they pushed you too hard in that direction by mercilessly pointing out the flaws in your reasoning and reacting with sarcasm when you said something they disagreed with.

In this life, they'll use many of the same tactics, and they could end up making you feel as if your opinions are categorically wrong, or at least that what you think doesn't matter to them. But shutting down communications wouldn't be a proactive way to deal with this; it will only perpetuate this troublesome karma that exists between you. Instead, stand up to their criticisms, and let them know that your thoughts, feelings and ideas are valid because they're yours. You'll command even more of their intellectual respect if you show them that you won't be bullied around anymore.

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