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Mercury square Pluto

Communicating Your Truth with Confidence

Kelli Fox

While at first you may appreciate the way, in conversation, this person likes to get down to the heart of the matter -- it's exciting, after all, to move past the superficialities and get to know someone new in a deep, probing way -- after some time you may start to feel uncomfortable with their communication style. They won't allow you to give half-baked opinions or to consider any situation in a light manner; after a while, their urgings that you think deeply and express the depths of your soul will become less revelatory and more like attempts to control the way you think and express yourself. This mental control is a powerful karmic connection between you, and it would be all too easy to repeat the mistakes of a previous lifetime by blindly giving in to your partner's compelling agenda.

It would be far better to resolve this karmic bond by being calmly and resolutely yourself. There are some positive lessons to be learned from this aspect of the relationship, after all: Learning to think deeply and get in touch with the darkest and most abstract parts of your soul will help you to know yourself more intimately than ever before. And knowing yourself will help you to withstand your partner's attempts at reshaping who you are and how you communicate your truth to the world.

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