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Mercury square North Node

Different Ways of Thinking

Kelli Fox

Don't be surprised if, every time you give your lover advice, they end up taking the exact opposite route than the one you recommended. They may even start playing devil's advocate during conversations, getting under your skin by taking a different position from yours on every possible point. It's likely, though, that they aren't challenging you for the sake of debate, but because they truly think very differently than you do.

The better you two get to know each other, the more you'll both start to realize that you simply don't look at the world or process information in the same way. It's quite possible, in fact, that the very ways in which you think and express yourself will force your partner to become clearer on where they're headed in life and what type of person they want to be -- if only by showing them that they're not interested in aligning themselves with you intellectually. If this occurs, you should try not to take it personally. Your lover is evolving, just as you are, and if you're able to help them along in that evolution, so much the better -- even if it happens by way of demonstrating that trying to think more like you would be, for them, a step backward.

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