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Mercury sextile Uranus

Honing Your Unique Mind

Kelli Fox

Maybe you worked together in a past life on some creative endeavor -- writing a play, perhaps, or exploring some new scientific frontier -- because that same creative energy will run between you in this lifetime. You'll feel mentally sparked up when you're around this person. Your conversations will range far and wide, but don't stop there; there's much more to be gleaned from this connection.

Your partner's unique imagination will hone your own sense of inventiveness, and they may actually help you sharpen the ways in which you think and view the world. Whether this relationship lasts long-term or not, whether you'll end up romantically involved or just friends, this person will be a transformative influence in your life because of this positive mental connection between you. Through your relationship with them, you'll become more experimental and independent in your thinking, skills that will enable you to really push boundaries in your own work or hobbies. But even if you don't absorb the wonderful lessons this pairing has to offer, you'll still have a lot of fun staying up late with this person and trading back and forth all your weirdest, wildest ideas.

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