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Mercury sextile Saturn

Learning to Focus

Kelli Fox

Your partner will have a grounding influence on your thinking, just as they did long ago in another time and place, as your teacher or guide. Then they helped to steady and focus your mind, teaching you to think carefully and build your wisdom. They still have more to teach you in this life.

This aspect is particularly good both for developing a strong communicative bond between you and for building a stable connection that could easily last long-term. But whether your relationship is short-term or long-lasting, you'll enjoy interesting conversations in which you probe issues together in a careful and searching way. If you need help with any project, cerebral or otherwise, this person would be a good person to ask, because they can help you process all the options and come up with a solid solution or plan of action. You can derive a lot of information and understanding from their life experience, and get good advice from them on many of your own questions and issues. You'll especially appreciate this influence if you tend to be shy or reticent in your self-expression, or if you get confused or overwhelmed when planning projects or working out problems.

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