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Mercury sextile Pluto

Learning Mental Independence

Kelli Fox

This relationship, if it continues long-term, could be a deeply transformative experience for you when it comes to the ways in which you think and communicate your truth to the world. Your partner will be inspiring for you on those levels, just as they were long ago in another lifetime that has been submerged in the layers of your subconscious mind. In that other life they were your teacher, and they led you on a journey of self-realization as well as the sharpening of your observational skills.

In this lifetime, they will do so again, though more subtly, through example rather than direct instruction. You'll notice from the beginning that your conversations with this person have a probing quality. Rarely will you discuss anything -- yourselves, your lives, the books or articles you're reading or the movies you're seeing -- at a superficial level. You'll discuss your deepest feelings more than ever before, and doing so will become more routine and instinctive the longer that you know this person. At times this could get trying -- when you see a comedy, after all, you just want to laugh; you don't want to have to dissect its hidden meanings! -- but ultimately, you'll learn a great deal about your own mind and soul through your connection with this person. Do remember, though, that part of the benefit of this pairing will be that it will force you to learn intellectual independence, because your partner will have a strong mind and it will be all too easy for you to give in to their perspective or opinions, even when yours differ.

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