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Mercury sextile Neptune

Blending Logic with Creativity

Kelli Fox

When it comes to the ways in which you two think and communicate, you could end up being a really nice combination of logic and intuition, reason and compassion, because in a sense you're two important halves of a whole. You'll draw on an old past-life connection in which you worked harmoniously in this way, blending your mental and perceptive strengths as you will be able to do again in this life. Then, you may have worked together on an artistic or other creative project, and now, you'll be able to do so again if you choose, to great effect.

You can bring your partner's more abstract idea into concrete expression, and they can lend an imaginative whimsy to your ideas that you may not come up with on your own. But whether you work on a project together or simply get to know each other as friends and lovers, you will have much to learn from this person, and much to teach them. They will help to soften your sharper edges in communication, teaching you to listen with your heart as well as your eyes and ears. You, in turn, will teach them the importance of using more than simple intuition in their view of the world around them. This learning and teaching process won't happen in an overt way, however; the lessons between you will flow subtly, often without even using words.

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