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Mercury quincunx Uranus

Seeing the World with New Eyes

Kelli Fox

This person thinks very differently than you do, and not in a way that will enlighten or delight you -- that is, not unless you can get past the old, karmic residue of your past-life connections, which are still making themselves felt today. You'll instinctively react against their more freeform ideas the longer you get to know this person; their leaps of faith will annoy you, and you'll wonder why they can't just take a logical view of life, the way you do. But there is another more accurate way to view this tension that will develop slowly between you, and the differences in the ways in which each of you perceives life: If you think of human perception as a continuum rather than a line drawn between black and white, you'll begin to see that your partner's viewpoint is simply at a different point along the continuum than yours.

At first, you won't understand their blind reliance on intuition, while they won't get why you always need proof, reassurance and the like. But if you can learn to believe and understand each other more, your own vision of life will be enhanced. This person could actually open your eyes to some strange and wonderful truths, if only you'll allow them to do so.

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