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Mercury quincunx Saturn

Don't Internalize Their Disapproval

Kelli Fox

Though you may get along wonderfully at first and have excellent, wide-ranging conversations, over time you'll begin to notice that your partner will seem to disapprove of the opinions you assert and the interests you display. It's true that you think differently and your minds run along different mental tracks; but that is as it should be, since you're two separate people. Your lover, however, will have a hard time with this, because of a past-life connection in which your independent thinking led you away from them.

The resulting sense of vulnerability and rejection made them unconsciously vow never to allow that to happen again; and so, in this life, they will view your differences of opinion as actual threats to their emotional security. But if you don't understand this about them, you might see this as simple disapproval or criticism on their part. You'll notice that anytime you have a bright new idea, they'll shoot it down by pointing out all its flaws and weak spots. Even mundane, day-to-day conversations might be stilted by this negative attitude of theirs, but don't let this behavior get you down. Don't internalize their disapproval; instead, remind yourself that they're doing this out of insecurity. If you care for them, you can help them to feel more secure by talking openly with them about their feelings of vulnerability. And whatever happens, keep on asserting your opinions and interests, even when your partner tries to censure you.

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