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Mercury quincunx Neptune

Make the Commitment to Honesty

Kelli Fox

In the beginning, the fantasies you'll indulge in regarding each other and what's possible between you will be sweet indeed. You'll both conjure up delicious images of each other, and for a while, you'll delude yourselves into thinking that this new person you've found is everything you've been looking for in a romantic partner. But if your connection endures, gradually you'll come to realize that your communication, and thus the relationship itself, isn't everything you hoped and dreamed it could be.

Your fantasies of each other will turn out to be just that -- not accurate reflections of the current reality at all. Instead, they will be shadow images of a connection you shared in the distant past, in a lifetime that's too long ago to consciously recall. But those images will still be potent in your minds, and letting them go in favor of seeing your partner for who they truly are will be a difficult, disappointing process. Honesty will be even more important in this connection than in others, because you'll be so much more easily misled by this person. In a past life, they may have lied to you, and somewhere deep inside, you still remember that feeling of distrust and betrayal. If you're together long-term in this life, you'll have to make a commitment not only to each other, but to honesty.

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