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Mercury opposite Saturn

Learning Through Experience

Kelli Fox

You'll begin to notice that your partner either challenges or modifies everything you say in some way, as if they know more about it than you do -- even when it's a statement of your own opinion. But you'll go along with this and even support it, because in some sense, you're used to this dynamic between you: In a past life, this person was your mentor or your teacher, and they had intellectual authority and even superiority over you. You looked up to them and worked hard to learn what they tried to teach you.

But in this life, that won't be a healthy dynamic for either of you to perpetuate, because you're no longer in a student-teacher relationship. Even if your lover has had more education or life experience than you, your mind is still as strong as theirs is, and you'll learn through your own experiences, just as they have. It may be difficult to get out of the mind-frame in which you look up to them as your mental superior, however, especially since they'll help to sustain that image of themselves by pointing out the flaws in your logic and criticizing your opinions. But if you can both take a step back and recognize that how you see each other is based on a past-life connection rather than a present-life reality, you may be able to move past this old, outmoded way of relating. It may help you to realize that your partner will try to maintain intellectual superiority because of an inner fear that you'll actually surpass them in that realm.

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