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Mercury opposite Pluto

Stand Firm in Your Own Mind

Kelli Fox

Perhaps this person was a jealous lover in a past life who attempted to gain control over you by influencing your mind and perceptions; perhaps they were simply your parent or teacher, with your best interests at heart. Either way, those old attempts at mind control will be felt again in this life when you get involved, albeit at a subtle level, and one you may not notice or understand at first. In the beginning, you may actually enjoy the way that you two communicate.

You'll go together to the depths, bypassing simple, surface-level conversation for something much more intense. It may seem at first like an incredible way to commune with this new person you're getting to know, even while growing to understand yourself more deeply than ever before; you may feel elated at baring your soul. But after some time, you may start to realize that the soul-baring is more one-sided than you thought; your lover is actually using you to give form and expression to all their own deepest, strangest, scariest thoughts and urges. What will you do then? Work harder to get your own emotions across and have them validated by this person who seems able only to obsess about their own issues? The 'when in doubt, force' mode of operation may not work best in this case. Instead, take the positive lessons you can get out of this connection -- the deepening of your thought processes, the self-awareness -- but stand firm in the knowledge of your own mind, thoughts, feelings and needs.

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