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Mercury conjunct Uranus

Learning to Think Well Outside the Box

Kelli Fox

In a past life this person could have been your teacher, your mentor, or perhaps even your child -- someone who opened your mind to terrain that you had previously never suspected. Their inventiveness and creativity both excited and amazed you, and they will do so again if you get involved in this life. For you, this person will be a philosophical fire starter, their function in your life still being to blast through the barriers in your mind that you aren't even aware are there, and show you brand-new ways of thinking, communicating and expressing yourself.

Your conversations will range far and wide as you explore the possibilities of the universe together. Possibilities, you'll find, are this person's particular specialty; they delight in possibility far more than actuality, and their commitment to what might be, rather than what already is, will inspire you. The best that can come from this connection is a lifelong mind expansion, one that will teach you to think well outside the box and to delight in the forays that your mind makes -- even if your connection with this particular person turns out to be fleeting.

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