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Mercury conjunct Saturn

Learning to Communicate Your Truth

Kelli Fox

You and your partner might have a very positive mental connection, and this aspect will add to the benefits of blending your intellects; but it will also put some strain on you, in particular. Your lover will push you to think clearly and logically, just as they did in a past life spent as your teacher or mentor. Then, they considered your intellectual growth to be in their hands, and they did what they could to guide you firmly in the right direction.

But some of that feeling of mental authority or even superiority is left over for them in this life, as you'll find in conversations with them. They won't want to tolerate much from you in the way of open-mindedness or flimsy logic; they will push you to take a firm stance in your viewpoints and defend that stance with proof. This could make for some rather stilted conversations, at least from your point of view. You won't always want to talk so seriously, or to be so careful with your words or your reasoning. You won't like being criticized so much, even if they think they're helping you learn. Sometimes, you'll want to simply say what you feel, even if it doesn't make sense; but your partner won't often let that happen, unless you can find a way to stand up for yourself. Don't let their criticism of the way your mind works become a pattern between you that will last into the next life. Instead, learn what you can from their brand of logic, but remain faithful to communicating your own truth, even if they claim it's not well-founded.

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