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Mercury conjunct Pluto

Growing to Know Your Own Mind

Kelli Fox

The connection between you will be profound; through the course of a relationship with this person, you will learn to deepen your perceptions and pay far more attention to the details of a situation than you have in the past, as well as to your own responses to that situation. This process won't always be comfortable for you, especially if you're used to rationalizing life rather than immersing yourself in your full range of emotions. This relationship will call up old, long-buried feelings from a past-life connection with this person, in which they delved deeply into your thoughts and emotions, sometimes even trying to control how you perceived life.

Now you'll notice this in the compelling way that they dominate the conversation -- which you may be happy for them to do, because what an interesting conversation it will be! Your partner will be interested in discussing only the deepest of subjects, and your curious mind will only be too happy to follow their lead. Don't be surprised if you scare yourself at times, or if they scare you. Take this association as a chance to explore your own depths as a human being, and grow to know your own mind.

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