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Mercury conjunct North Node

An Important Part of Your Lover's Karmic Growth

Kelli Fox

The way you think and communicate will be quite inspirational for your partner. When you two start getting to know each other, it will become clear to your partner almost right away that you hold some answers for them regarding how they want to express themselves in the future. Talking and sharing ideas will be an important focus and function of this relationship, whether you're together for the long haul or you just meet up for a few friendly dates.

Your partner will learn a lot from you, not just on the level of pure information but in terms of how to perceive and process the world around them. You might discuss books, movies, music or politics together, and to you, these might just be interesting conversations, but your partner will be sucking them up like a sponge, thirsty for cues and clues into their own future development. Even if you two don't become a couple or even remain friends, you will live large in their mind as an important part of their personal development. Whether either of you realizes it or not, talking with you and learning about how you think and how you express yourself will be an important part of your lover's karmic growth process.

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