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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Learning to Clarify Your Thinking

Kelli Fox

This aspect will influence your communication in some positive ways and some difficult ones. On the more positive side, this person will be able to connect intuitively with you, understanding what you're trying to say even when you're not sure how to put it into words. Words may not even be necessary between you at times, which could lead to difficulties.

Deception is possible between you, due to old, past-life connections in which this person misled you, leaving you wary and suspicious. In this life, you'll still be open to deception and illusion, because your rational thinking won't be quite as sharp when you're around this person, and you'll have a vague sense of uneasiness. It won't necessarily be that they're deliberately trying to confuse you, but the effect will be the same -- you'll have to try hard to think straight, keep your mind on the matter at hand and make your way through the fog. This could be a positive experience for you, however, both in learning how to strengthen your own mind and communication and in recognizing that misunderstandings can happen despite both parties' best intentions. Keep your eyes and your mind sharp in this relationship, and you'll become a more clear-thinking individual.

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